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New products in original packaging. Finals series, shops liquidations, bankruptcies, auctions. Warranty manufacturer or wholesaler (the duration of the warranty depends on the product)



Pre-owned products, exhibition, small cosmetic defects, used or refurbished (called refurbished). Technically always 100% efficient, sold in original or replacement packaging.



Untested products with a high percentage of operation, usually from 50% the number of items that work, in the case of electrical appliances The rest usually mild electrical damage easy to repair. The merchandise comes from customer returns. Sometimes it is new products, which have not reached the customer. They are, for example, returns sent - mischosen products damaged in transport or simply damaged. Purchases of such products the customer pays only a percentage of market value. - Goods with no possibility of return. No warranty



It is good that has been proven without operation. This merchandise is used to repair or replacement parts.



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